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EDU Website

EDU Website

One of a powerful factor for increase your keyword google ranking is backlink from authority websites, .edu is the best for backlinks. But the problem is how to find .edu websites ? Don’t worry I can help you with the following list of EDU Footprints ^_^ “You cannot post new topics in this forum” “” “yaf_topics” “yaf_rules.aspx” “yabb” “yabb” “” “” “viewforum.php?id” “view_forum.php?id” “view topic forum” “View previous topic :: View next topic forums” “version” “vbulletin/register.php” “vbulletin” “vbulletin” “VBulletin forum” “vbulletin forum signup” “Users active today: 15478 (158 members and 15320 guests)” “Users active in past 30 minutes: SMF” “Users active in past 30 minutes: Most Online Today Most Online Ever” “” “ultrabb” “ultimatebb” “ubb=postlist” “ubb=newpost&board=1? “ubb” “topic.php?id” “topic” “Threads: 673, Posts: 7,321, Total Members: 376? “Threads in Forum Hot thread with no new posts” “thread” “Thread is closed” “this forum is powered by phorum” “this forum is powered by phorum” “There are 135 users currently browsing forums.” “The Following User Says Thank You to for this post” “SMF register forum” “” “Similar Threads All times are GMT +1? “showthread.php” “seoboard/index.php?a=vforum” “send thread” “send thread” “send thread forum” “send message” “send message” “send message” “reply.jbb” “register.php” “register.aspx” “register iam over 13 years of age forum” “register forum Please Enter Your Date of Birth” “Quick Reply Quote message in reply?” “punbb/register.php” “punbb register forum” “proudly powered by bbPress” “profile.php” “” “powered by: fudforum” “powered by: fudforum” “powered by yaf” “powered by yaf” “powered by yabb” “powered by xmb” “powered by xmb” “powered by xennobb” “powered by xennobb” “powered by viscacha” “powered by vbulletin” “powered by vbulletin” “powered by usebb forum software” “powered by usebb forum software” “powered by ubb.threads” “powered by ubb.threads” “powered by the unclassified newsboard” “powered by the unclassified newsboard” “powered by smf” “powered by smf 1.1.5? “powered by seo-board” “powered by seo-board” “powered by quicksilver forums” “powered by quicksilver forums” “powered by punbb” “powered by punbb” “Powered by PunBB viewforum.php” “Powered by PunBB register.php” “powered by phpbb3? “powered by phpbb” “powered by phpbb” “powered by phpbb” “Powered By MyBB” “powered by javabb 0.99? “powered by ip.board” “Powered by IP.Board” “powered by invision power board” “powered by icebb” “powered by forum software minibb” “powered by forum software minibb” “powered by fluxbb” “powered by fluxbb” “powered by e-blah forum software” “powered by e-blah forum software” “powered by bbpress” “posts/list” “postmessage.aspx” “” “posting” “posting” “post/printadd?forum” “post/?type” “post.php” “” “post new topic” “post new topic” “post new topic” “” “” “phpbb3/ucp.php?mode=register” “phpbb3/posting.php?mode=reply” “phpbb3/posting.php?mode=post” “phpbb/viewforum.php?” “phpbb/profile.php?mode=register” “phpbb/posting.php?mode=reply” “phpbb/posting.php?mode=newtopic” “phpbb” “phpbb” “phpbb” “phpbb register forum” “phorum/register.php” “phorum/posting.php” “phorum/list.php” “phorum” “phorum” “panel.php?act=register” “” “newthread.php?do=newthread” “newthread.php?” “newreply.php?do=newreply” “newreply.php?” “newbbs/ezboard.cgi” “newbb” “new_topic.php?” “new_topic.jbb?” “new_member.jbb” “new topic” “new topic” “new topic” “new thread” “new thread” “new thread forum” “Most Online Today Most Online Ever Forums” “modules.php” “module=posts&action=insert&forum_id” “message board register” “member.php?action=register” “member.php?action=” “login.php?register=1? “login.php” “login.jbb” “lofiversion” “listforums?” “list.php” “” “” “ipb” “ipb” “invision” “intext:powered by yabb” “intext:powered by vbulletin” “intext:powered by phpbb” “intext:powered by ip.board” “index.php?t=usrinfo” “index.php?t=post&frm_id=” “index.php?s=” “index.php?fid” “index.php?action=vtopic” “index.php?action=registernew” “index.php?action=register” “index.php?a=vtopic” “index.php?a=register” “index.php?a=post&s=topic” “index.php?a=forum” “index.php” “inanchor:yabb” “inanchor:vbulletin” “inanchor:phpbb” “inanchor:ip.board” “If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 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เนื้อหาอื่นๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้องกัน ^___^

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1,0000 Article Directory Powered Article Submit Dashboard
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วิธีหา .EDU Backlink FootPrint for SEO
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