Best GSA Footprints Ever List

Best Footprints based in GSA Search Engine Ranker

  • “Powered by 4images” “Post comment”
  • “Powered by 4images” “Kommentar posten”
  • “Powered by 4images” “Agregar comentario”
  • “Template by Cameraland”
  • “Template * Bali Web Design”

Advanced Guestbook footprints

  • “AGCode is ON” “Smilies are ON”
  • “Powered by Advanced Guestbook”

[ArticleBeach] footprints

  • “Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will be deleted”
  • “upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”
  • “upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”
  • “Website Design and Developed by ArticleBeach”
  • “Would You like us to send you a daily digest about new articles every day”
  • “Your one-stop source for free articles. Do you need contents to add to your website?”

[Article Dashboard] footprints

  • “Author Terms of Service” “Publisher Terms of Service” “Disclaimer” “We reserve the right to include advertising on pages with your articles”
  • “By publishing information packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy”
  • “Powered by Article Dashboard”
  • “Submit Articles” “Member Login” “Most Popular Articles” “Article RSS Feeds”
  • “There are now * Excellent Articles in our Database from * Authors”
  • “Use the articles in our directory on your website to provide your visitors”
  • inurl:populararticles.php
  • inurl:submitarticles.php

[Article Friendly] footprints

  • “Powered By: Article Friendly” “total articles”
  • “Submit Articles” “If you do not have an account yet, you may register here.”
  • “Submit Articles” “Total Articles” “Total Authors” “Total Downloads”
  • “Submit Articles” inurl:”submitart.php”
  • “Use the articles in our directory on your website to provide your visitors”
  • inurl:submitguide.php “submit articles”

[ArticleMS] footprints

  • Powered by ArticleMS “Submit Article” “Main Menu” “Latest Articles”
  • Powered by ArticleMS from
  • Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate
  • You do not have permission to comment. If you log in, you may be able to comment

[ClipBucket] footprints

  • inurl:index.php ” * Being Watched * Most Viewed * Recently Added”
  • inurl:signup intitle:video “Our website is the home for video online”
  • Embed videos from different website using their video embed code, simply enter embed code, enter video duration and select its thumb, fill in the required details and click on upload.
  • Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.

h2>[Coppermine Photo Gallery] footprints

  • Add your comment “Coppermine Photo Gallery”
  • Bridge by “Rate this file”
  • ChaoticSoul WP Design by Bryan Veloso “Rate this file”
  • Coppermine Themes by SiteGround web hosting “Rate this file”
  • Rate this file “Coppermine Photo Gallery”

[DatsoGallery] footprints

  • DatsoGallery By Andrey Datso “Your Comment”
  • inurl:”option=com_datsogallery”
  • Next Image “SlideShow:” “Comment added on:” “Your Comment”
  • Next Image+”SlideShow:”+”Comment added on:”+”Your Comment”

[Dolphin] footprints

  • All Blogs “All Posts” “Top Posts” “Popular Posts”
  • Blogs Home “All Blogs” “All Posts” “Top Posts” “Popular Posts” “Featured Posts” Tags Calendar Search
  • Free Community Software. from BoonEx
  • General Info Description “rate profile” “Profile Comments”
  • Hello, Guest! “Powered by Dolphin”
  • Hello, Guest! Join Login blogs
  • inurl:”/blogs/top_posts/”
  • inurl:”/searchKeyword.php?type=blog”
  • Powered by Dolphin

[Easybook Reloaded] footprints

  • add keyword to search=2
  • Easybook Reloaded by
  • Eintrag hinzufügen “Webseitenbewertung” “5 – Beste Bewertung, 1 – Schlechteste Bewertung”|inurl:”option=com_easybook”
  • Entrada en el libro de visitas “Firmar el libro de visitas” “5 – Mejor evaluación, 1 – Peor evaluación”
  • Evaluation du site “5 – Bonne note, 1 – Mauvaise note” “Signer le livre d’or”
  • IP address “Website rating” “Sign guestbook” “Guestbook entry” “Spam Check”

[EasyLink] footprints

  • Engine powered by easyLink
  • Falls vorhanden, werden die Metatags Ihrer Website anschließend automatisch in das nächste Formular übernommen
  • Ihre Linkanmeldung wird dann zunächst von uns überprüft und anschließend für den Katalog freigeschaltet.
  • Tragen Sie in das obere Feld die URL der Website ein, die in unseren Webkatalog aufgenommen werden soll

[Elgg] footprints

  • Example of information in the left hand pane “Powered by Elgg”
  • Free Elgg Theme by
  • Free Elgg Theme by Juipo
  • Free Elgg Theme by SocialWeb
  • inurl:register.php “powered by elgg”
  • Latest bookmarks “Powered by Elgg”
  • New Elgg site
  • Powered by Elgg “Latest blog posts”
  • Powered by Elgg inurl:account/register.php
  • Powered by Elgg, the leading open source social networking platform
  • Seashells Elgg Theme

[eSyndiCat Directory] footprints

  • New Listings “Top Listings” “Popular Listings” “Suggest Listing” “Suggest Category”
  • Powered by eSyndiCat Directory Software
  • Suggest Link “Listing URL” “Reciprocal URL”

[ExpressionEngine Forums] footprints

  • ExpressionEngine Discussion Forum – version
  • If you leave this field blank, your screen name will be the same as your username
  • Powered by ExpressionEngine
  • Template Design By
  • The most visitors ever was “Post Marker Legend”
  • This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges
  • This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges

[Fake UserAgent] footprints

  • AppleWebKit Gecko “Windows NT 6.0”
  • Chrome “Firefox/12.0” WOW64
  • inurl:”analyze.cgi?mode=detail”
  • Last 20 Visitors “Mozilla”
  • Mobile Access “Following are Access Logs that include”
  • Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT “Opera/9.80 (Windows NT”|”Mozilla/5.0 (compatible” “Mozilla/4.0”

[Fast Indexer] footprints

  • “Website Value”
  • Domain Age “Yahoo Indexed Pages” “Alexa Backlinks”
  • Domain Tools and Websiteoutlook Clone “Website Design and Programing By:”
  • Google Indexed Pages “WHOIS INFO”
  • Install Smart Analytics360 Widget on Web pages
  • inurl:/siteSummary/www
  • Page Rank “server ip” “Site Details” Alexa
  • Powered by Seo Stats
  • SEO Stats and Site Analysis

[FFA (Free for All) sites] footprints

  • click here to add yours! “free for all”
  • click here to add yours! FFA
  • This ffa script is provided by
  • Web Site Title “Web Site URL” “Email Address” “Section to be placed in:”
  • Your web site’s title “Your web site’s URL” “Your email address” “Section to be placed in:”

[FluxBB Forum] footprints

  • Choose in which forum you would like to search
  • Find and sort users “User search” “User list”
  • Hosted by PunBB-Hosting
  • Newest registered user “Registered users online” “Registered users today”
  • powered by fluxbb
  • Total number of registered users “Newest registered user” “User list”

[Freeglobes Direcory] footprints

  • freeglobes inurl:”nouveautes.html”
  • inurl:”allcats.html”
  • inurl:”choosepack.html”
  • inurl:”index.php?do=basic”
  • inurl:”index.php?do=basic”
  • Powered by freeglobes inurl:”members/index.php”
  • Propulsé par freeglobes inurl:”members/index.php”

[GetBoo Social Bookmark] footprints

  • Get your bookmarks! getboo
  • Keep all your bookmarks in one place, accessible from anywhere.
  • Please visit GetBoo’s wiki for more information about the project.
  • Share some of your bookmarks with the world, and keep
  • stored on GetBoo

[Guestbook] footprints

  • inurl:guestbook/index.php|”Administration” “Sign the Guestbook” “Next Page” “Advanced Guestbook”
  • Scripts and Guestbook created by Matt Wright

[HubDir PHP directory ] footprints

  • Directory “Most Recent” “Most Popular” “Submit Link” “Pages”
  • Please choose an appropriate and relevant category for your website. “Submit Link”
  • Please replace it with information text about the directory and any terms on submission (note: not guidelines in this text).
  • This is an example text only meant as a placeholder. Please replace it with the submission guidelines that you wish to run your directory by.

[IndexScript Directory] footprints

  • click on the Add URL link on that page in order to add your URL
  • inurl:”sug_url.php”
  • powered by IndexScript
  • RSS Feed for Latest Additions “Google Site Map”
  • skinned by IndexSkins

[INDEXU Directory] footprints

  • Copyright * All Rights Reserved
  • Home “New Listings” “Hot Listings” “Top Rated” “Editor Pick” “Add a Listing” “Update a Listing” “Get Rated” “Upgrade a Listing”
  • inurl:suggest_category.php
  • Powered by INDEXU
  • Powered by INDEXU Deluxe

[KeywordLuv Blog Comment] footprints

  • This site uses KeywordLuv.
  • Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage
  • Incoming Search terms KeywordLuv
  • Incoming search terms for the article KeywordLuv

[Link Bid Script Directory] footprints

  • Powered by Directory software by LBS
  • Submit Listing “Brief description of your site that will be shown on the category listings, alphabetic list, new listings, and top listings pages.”
  • Template by Directory Promotion Network
  • Template by Ozami Internet Directory
  • Template by Webmaster Forum

[MyBB Forum] footprints

  • 2002 – 2010 MyBB Group
  • 2002 – 2011 MyBB Group
  • 2002 – 2012 MyBB Group
  • Contact MyBB Group
  • Deutsche Übersetzung:
  • for support with MyBB, visit support
  • Homepage “Contact Details” “Profile of” “Registration Date” “Additional Info About”
  • Next Oldest “Next Newest” Search Calendar Help “View New Posts” “View Today’s Posts”
  • Powered By MyBB
  • Suche Mitglieder Kalender Hilfe Verfasser Nachricht Beitrag “Ein Thema vor”
  • Theme created by IncadudeF

[phpBB Forum] footprints

  • inurl:profile.php?mode=register “Powered by phpBB”
  • Login and Registration Issues “User Preferences and settings” “Formatting and Topic Types”
  • Memberlist Usergroups “Log in to check your private messages”
  • modified by Przemo
  • Powered by phpBB
  • Style created by PiotreQ9

[PunBB Forum] footprints

  • Choose in which forum you would like to search
  • Find and sort users “User search” “User list”
  • Meghajtja a PunBB
  • Postaveno na PunBB|”Forum oparte o: PunBB”
  • powered by PunBB
  • Propulsé par PunBB
  • supporté par Informer Technologies, Inc
  • supported by Informer Technologies, Inc
  • támogatja az Informer Technologies, Inc
  • The * official extension is installed
  • The pun_antispam official extension is installed
  • The pun_posts_feed official extension is installed
  • Total number of registered users “Newest registered user” “User list”
  • Unfortunately no one can be told what PunBB is — you have to see it for yourself
  • You are not logged in. Please login or register “Active topics” “Unanswered topics”

[Scuttle Social Bookmark] footprints

  • bookmarks “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • by scuttlePLUS
  • date “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • Don’t ask for my password for 2 weeks
  • first “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • inurl:”bookmarks.php scuttle”
  • inurl:”scuttle/about.php”
  • inurl:”scuttle/about.php”
  • inurl:”scuttle/register”
  • inurl:”scuttle/register.php”
  • inurl:populartags.php “Popular tags”
  • next “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • Previous “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • Propulsed by SemanticScuttle
  • Recent Bookmarks register “log in” “Recent Tags”
  • register “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
  • scuttle inurl:”/search.php/all/”
  • scuttle inurl:”sort=url_asc”
  • Scuttle: Recent bookmarks
  • Social bookmarking by scuttlePLUS

[SMF Forum] footprints

  • inurl:”/index.php?action=register”
  • Listen to the letters / Request another image
  • Most users online today “Most users online ever”
  • Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded
  • powered by Simple Machines
  • Powered by SMF
  • Powered by SMF inurl:”register.php”

[TikiWiki Article] footprints

  • inurl:”tiki-forums.php”
  • inurl:”tiki-index.php”
  • inurl:”tiki-login.php”
  • inurl:”tiki-register.php”
  • Make sure to whitelist this domain to prevent registration emails being canned by your spam filter!
  • Powered by TikiWiki
  • Powered by Tikiwiki CMS/Groupware
  • Tema: Fivealive
  • Tema: Fivealive – Lemon
  • Thank you for installing TikiWiki!
  • Theme: Coelesce
  • Theme: Eatlon
  • Theme: Feb12
  • Theme: Fivealive
  • Theme: Fivealive – Kiwi
  • Theme: Fluid Index by Your Index
  • Theme: Jqui
  • Theme: Ohia
  • Thème: Strasa – Mono

[Trackback] footprints

  • Trackback “Dejar un comentario”
  • Trackback “Dodaj komentarz”
  • Trackback “Einen Kommentar hinterlassen”
  • Trackback “Komentiraj”
  • Trackback “Kommentera”
  • Trackback “Lascia un commento”
  • Trackback “Muhokamada qatnashing”
  • Trackback “Skriv en kommentar”
  • trackback from your own site
  • Trackback für spezifische URI dieses Eintrags
  • Trackback URI for this
  • Trackback URL “Total Trackbacks”
  • TrackBack URL for this
  • Trackback URL for this blog entry
  • Trackbacks “Deja un comentario”
  • using the following Trackback link

[vBulletin Forum] footprints

  • Copyright * vBulletin Solutions
  • Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below
  • Powered by vBulletin
  • powered by vbulletin inurl:”showthread”
  • What’s Going On? “forum Statistics” “Currently Active Users”

[Wordpress Article] footprints

  • Welcome to article directory *. Here you can find interesting and useful information on most popular themes.
  • Using Article Directory plugin
  • This author has published * articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.
  • There are * published articles and * registered authors in our article directory.
  • There are * published articles and * registered authors
  • RSS Articles “RSS comments” “Recent Articles” “Authorization” “Username:” “Password:” “Remember Me” “Register” “Lost your password?”
  • RSS Articles “RSS comments” “Recent Articles”
  • registered authors in our article directory
  • Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate
  • Powered by WordPress ¾ Using Article Directory plugin
  • Powered by WordPress + Article Directory plugin
  • If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have
  • Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar
  • Additional Articles From

[Wordpress Directory] footprints

  • Home “Add URL” “Link To Us” “Search” “WordPress”
  • Your Name “Your E-Mail” “Website URL” “Website Title” “Category” “Description” “HTML tags allowed”

[XMB Forum] footprints

  • Die XMB Gruppe
  • Entwickelt von Aventure Media
  • Entwickelt von The XMB Group
  • Last Active : Never “Not logged in [Login – Register]”
  • Powered by XMB
  • The XMB Group
  • Top 5 most viewed topics “Top 5 most replied to topics” “5 Latest Topics”
  • User Maintenance “Using the Board” “Posting & Reading messages” “Misc Questions”

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Backlink Comment Box Footprint for GSA ScrapeBox Hrefer
ผมเอา Footprint (ร่องรอย) สำหรับคนที่ต้องการสร้าง Backlink จากกล่อง Comment ด้วยโปรแกรม Auto Backlink ต่างๆ เช่น GSA, ScrapeBox, Hrefer, SerpScraper มาให้ครับ...

Backlink Footprint สำหรับ ScrapeBox, Hrefer, Serp Scraper
Backlink Footprint หมายถึงร่องรอยการทำ Backlink ที่คนอื่นเคยไปสร้างลิงค์ไว้ หรือ เป็นอักขระสำหรับการค้นหาหน้าเว็บที่ให้เราสามารถไปทำการสร้างแบคลิงค์มายังเว็บไซต์ของเราได้...

GSA Blog Comment Footprints Powered By PHP
Blog Comment footprintsAdd a comment Website Add comment Website add new comment "what is the first word in the phrase" Allow users to contact you through a message form "leave a comment" Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare Béré pairan "Can aya pairan." Comment moderation...

MediaWiki Pligg Pingback Footprints
footprints/wiki/index.php?title wiki Deze pagina is het laatst bewerkt op "Deze pagina is" "Aanmelden / registreren" inurl:"/wiki/index.php" inurl:":UserLogin" inurl:"Especial:Entrar" wiki inurl:"Especial:Registre_i_entrada" wiki inurl:"Especial:Userlogin" wiki inurl:"http://mediawiki." inurl:"http://wiki." inurl:"http://wikka." inurl:"Istimewa:Masuk_log"...